Carol Carter

08 March 2009


This is a sampling of the small work to be found at the STIMULUS PACKAGE ART SHOW.

Please join me at 6 NORTH COFFEE to view the work-- March 20, 2009.

2 Sarah Street
St. louis, MO 63108

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RH Carpenter said...

Hope you have good luck on the show, Carol. I like each one of these - would love to press my nose almost to the glass and see them up close and personal!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Plenty of fresh colourful pieces here. Thanks for posting them altogether for us. Good luck with the show.

Unknown said...

Love your idea for a Stimulus Package Art Show! I still get your postcards, and check your web site periodically. I love your work and you helped me years ago to get some techniques down in my own work. Thanks, Carol, and hope your show is a smash hit!
Best regards,
Karen Stark

Anonymous said...

Bravo for your creations who speak a language without words that parade of artistic emotion

Christian Couteau
French Watercolorist

Blog : Aquarelle et voyage (Watercolor and travel)

Anonymous said...

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