Carol Carter

03 March 2009

Looking Inside/Looking Outisde- acrylic

almost done with this painting.. promise!

i keep revisiting this painting... i don't know why... perhaps it represents a challenge!

however.. i really like it now.. and am glad that i stuck with it.

i plan to have it photographed professionally.. so that all the sides of the painting are in focus. my digital camera can't seem to do this.

so... here's to persistence!

Looking Inside/Looking Outside
40" h x 50" w
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love this one Carol - the reflected light, the movement and the colours.

Anonymous said...

Like this painting. I think it has progressed to a much better one over time. It seems like you spend more time in an acrylic piece compared to watercolor.

Carol Carter said...

thanks for the comments --

i am liking this piece alot now.. and think i have a buyer for it.

am off to studio to do finishing touches and then photograph it again.

yes.. i do work longer on the acrylics... they tend to be more difficult for me and less forgiving.

i love watercolor medium more.. but it has it's limitations in the art world.

i.e. not as 'accepted'.

i still like painting with acrylic and will continue to galvanize my path ...