Carol Carter

20 February 2012

Another GREAT workshop!

had the privilege of teaching a great workshop in Mt Vernon IL last weekend. Cedarhurst Center for the Arts- Shrode Art Center sponsored the weekend.

We all had a great time... learning, growing, stretching!

I hope the students gained something from the presentations/demos.

There was much inspiration and creativity.

All the students brought enthusiasm and motivation to learn.

Perfect weather... perfect dinners... fun camaderie...and lively conversation !!

the "uppitity girls'' also made their mark!

What a wonderful time!

Next month--- Columbia MD!

Rock on!


jyoti kumar said...

A really happy and satisfied looking bunch there Carol, well done.I wish i was there. Best wishes.

RH Carpenter said...

A wonderful workshop, Carol - you are the best and I always learn something new from you. So glad I was brave and drove over to do this!!

Carol Carter said...

Jyoti... it was a wonderful workshop! I wish you were there too.

Rhonda... I miss you already!! I am glad you were brave and drove that long way too. See you soon... I hope! You did marvelous proud of you.