Carol Carter

30 June 2011


I visited the NWS Gallery in San Pedro CA yesterday. Wow, what a great exhibition space. Lovely venue and great location.

I also had a fantastic Californian dinner hosted by the amazing Thomas Schaller with Penny Hill and Frank Eber. What a wonderful evening!

The meal was perfect -- along with the weather and home.

Perfect ending to a perfect day-- I couldn't have asked for better friends!

I love California!


RH Carpenter said...

What fun to meet this artist! That is Nick Simmons' painting you showed - is it in the NWS show or does Tom own that one?

Carol Carter said...

Nick's painting was purchased by the Pres of NWS..[don't remember his name]

but it's hanging IN NWS for now.

RH Carpenter said...

Pretty cool! Enjoy that sunshine and warmth and California attitude, Carol, but don't stay - come back to the midwest :)

Carol Carter said...

Not sure if the West Coast is right for me. Am coming home to do some thinking and more consideration. Thanks Rhonda for your post. It IS very different here...