Carol Carter

03 June 2011


Yes -- I have returned to the studio with work on my mind.

First, a proposal to ART PRIZE has occupied ALL my attention.

Second, organizing my thoughts for the upcoming exhibition in Washington DC.

Third, finishing the Angel Trumpets that I started a few weeks back.

The first jpeg is one in progress. It's a diagonal composition -- and very hard to keep grounded.

The second jpeg is a finished piece. I like them very much -- and hope to display them at Julie Malone's grand opening of her gallery in a couple of weeks.

Yay for watercolor~ I am geting the hang of it again.

Angel Trumpets 1 and 2
15" h x 22" w
works in progress


Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, I love how you have painted the foliage.

Diane Hoeptner said...

Your angel trumpets are gorgeous! I wish I could find some of those here in Cleveland, OH. Good luck with all your projects (sounds exciting!)

Carol Carter said...

Thank you both...I am still working on this piece... but I think i may finally be done. I will post the final photo tonight.

Angel Trumpets are special --Diane.... Thank you for wishing me good luck with my projects!