Carol Carter

28 June 2011

LACMA- Tim Burton Exhibition

I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art and saw the Tim Burton exhibition.

I skeptically went-- not sure that it was worth the effort and money. However, to my surprise and delight.... it was more cool than I ever imagined!

What a genius he was/is!

So talented and insightful from his high school days in Burbank CA.

The show incorporates drawings, maquettes, doodles, designs, costumes, props, stages... everything... that gave voice to his creative spirit and energy.

I was completed overwhelmed and delighted with the retrospective of his work -- and I thoroughly recommend anyone who might be sitting the fence about seeing it -- to go!

Yay for such an artist as Tim Burton!

The museum wouldn't let you take photos in the exhibit -- so you can only document at the beginning and end of the show.

I think it's featured through August.

Los Angeles

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