Carol Carter

14 June 2011

More Progress on the BIRDS

Today was a perfect rainy day to paint.

I worked hard on the BIRDS painting-- even though progess was slow.

The last few days on a midstate painting go slower than normal... because everything has to relate to what's been painted before!

It's all fun though.

Stay tuned for the final piece.

Hopefully soon.

Birds in Paradise
30" h x 40" w
in progress


Ashley Xie said...

It looks lovely :). you must be very patient :).

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Ashley. Hope to
Finish it today!

cindy said...

Lovely approach to watercolor! I like the white you leave between leaves and flowers.

irinasztukowski said...

What a great wash Carol! the unfinished piece is already screaming "I am beautiful! Place me on a wall!"..
I love your watercolors. Your work has very distinctive silky look.

Thank you,

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Cindy.... I hope to leave most of the white between the leaves...although some of it will disappear.Thank you for posting and liking my work.

Thank you Irina. I have had many people stop and look at this painting--- it appears to be well liked.
Thank you so much for saying the watercolor looks silky. I agree!