Carol Carter

27 May 2011

Angel Trumpet! watercolor from Hawaii

Here is a new piece--- a diversion... of Angel Trumpets from Hawaii.

I love this flower. It is everywhere on the Big Island.

I am not quite finished on this piece--- but I wanted to share with you my progress.

It's a welcome relief from painting gators.

Angel Trumpets
20" h x 15" w
in progress


RH Carpenter said...

I love the delicate glow you achieve in all your paintings. I've painted datura/angel trumpets many times but never had a success like this one.

Hawaii Website Design said...

Amazing paintings...Hawaii Website Design

Mikko Tyllinen said...

Magical! Very beautiful!

Barb Sailor said...

This is stunning - so beautiful and delicate. It has an almost batik like appeal to it. I love it!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you everyone! I have high hopes for this painting too!

I will post final version when I finish!

Thanks for your words of encouragement.