Carol Carter

15 June 2009


i am leaving the great state of MISSOURI today.. for the wonderful country of ITALY!!!


it's a dream come true! i have wanted to paint TUSCANY for years.. and now i get my chance.

i will be absent from the blog for 10 days... as i am not bringing my laptop.

please visit me again soon.. and i will share with you my photos and inspirations from my journey.

bon voyage!!! and happy painting all!

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Elizabeth Seaver said...

You lucky thing! See you and your art when you get back!

Barbra Joan said...

Have the most wonderful Italain holiday. That IS a dream come true.

RH Carpenter said...

Have a delightful time and return safe and sound with many many paintings dancing in your head.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Have a great time - I certainly did. Its a wonderful country with delightful people.

Bruce said...

YAY! glad you're airborne and off on an adventure. it's been terrific to hear about your many sales, commissions and feel your upbeat mood. eat lots of gelato and get out into the countryside! the area around siena is gorgeous!