Carol Carter

11 March 2008


the juxtaposition of these swimmers create a strong composition that's slightly disquieting and unexpected in it's symmetry-

i like the strong dynamics and the rich palette.

each panel is 30 x 22
overall image is 30 x 45
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RH Carpenter said...

Yes, there is an uneasiness in the composition and in the color choices - all that lime green! haha But I like it. Like the "in your face" choices you often make.

Jeanette Jobson said...

The colour choices are unique and fabulous.

About said...

I keep coming back to look...but sometimes there just aren't words to's just a wonderful assortment of feelings...again, you engage all the senses, and send the viewer on a journey...beautiful.

Melanie said...

the love just keeps on flowin...
just like your incredibly rich colors, textures, composition - shall i go on?
my word for this one?
that's only IF i had to choose one word... but your paintings always invoke more than words can say.