Carol Carter

16 May 2013

small INTRUDERS designer TEES now available ONLINE!

designer tees
available now!

Click on 
to order

Form fitting
sizes run smaller than normal
soft and fashionable
4 different designs 
your collection

buy one 
and send me a 
photo of you
wearing it
to share!


Unknown said...

they are gorgeous Carol, I want to order one but am obviously worried about shipping costs to UK. Have emailed them for sizing and shipping details, fingers crossed it won't price it out of my reach like many things coming from US these days. (so want the monarch!)Ax

RH Carpenter said...

WOW! I looked at them all. Then I thought about my arms (which are not Michelle Obama arms) - but whose going to be looking at my arms when I am wearing these? I think I may have to buy one or two!