Carol Carter

09 May 2013

Evan's 26 YEAR portrait-- watercolor!

I have finished the portrait for the GROWTH SERIES of Evan -- who turned 27.  This was the first year I was a little late in painting his portrait.  but--  I DID get it done!

I'm about to go visit him-- and I will gather new information to do his 27th portrait during the coming year.

Yay!  love this series...

Evan- 26 Year
30" x 40"
private collection


Celia Blanco said...

He is so handsome!Beautiful smile!

Unknown said...

That's so awesome to do a series of your children's portraits! I wish I had thought to do that! I'm really impressed with the step by step process, thank you for sharing all that! It's a great portrait and shows your unique style so nicely.

Studio at the Farm said...

It is amazing to see Evan's portrait from start to finish!!! Handsome man!!!

Carol Carter said...

thanks ALL. it is wonderful and gratifying to be able to continue to do this portriat. I began the series as a labor of love.. and will continue till I can no longer do them. don't we LOVE our children!

Anonymous said...

Its a wonderful painting Carol, I absolutely ADORE your artwork!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Cindy! Wonderful to read your posts!