Carol Carter

01 April 2013

Workshop in Door County WISCONSIN

Pennisula Art School
Fish Creek Wisconsin
Door Couny

July 18 - 20  2013

9 - 4 pm

Paint and learn Watercolor

One of my favorite places to teach


Sergio DS said...

If you´ll excuse me I give you a song.

Have a nice week.

laura said...

I always enjoy your subjects and colors ... The glow in your paintings is unmistakable: how I would love to take a workshop with you! I'm sure your students must go home very happy!

Crystal Cook said...

Hi Carol, I didn't realize you had a blog until I saw it on Chris Beck's sidebar. I'm excited to follow you here now. :) I wish I could come to your workshop. I've been wanting to ever since I heard how great it was from Carrie when she went last year.

Carol Carter said...

love the song Sergio!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

Laura... thank you for your post.... the glow is something i teach in a workshop. i hope you are able to take a workshop one day too.

Crystal....Please come to a workshop! Come to FRANCE!!!! it would be so cool to meet and work with you. i admire your work as well. carol

Thank you ALL for posting!