Carol Carter

28 April 2013


A new triptych for the small INTRUDERS show.  It didn't make it to framing stage-- but I will include this beautiful triptych anyway.

The monarch was particularly fun to paint.  I believe it shows a freedom and splash that could only be achieved after painting 200 other bugs!

There's no way I would have painted this as simply and directly as it is-- without all that other foundational understanding of all the other bugs.

Viva la insects!

I am finally rounding down my series on bugs.  There's only a few more to do for Crate & Barrel-- then I stop.

It's been a good run.. and I've had a super time with all that it's lead me to do.

I have loved making the book, the note cards, the lapel pin, the mini-moo cards, the poster, and working with PaperPaintPress on the wallpaper, and with Anne Taussig on the TEES.

What a super opening we will have next Friday!

Please come if you can-- and celebrate the small INTRUDERS!


Friday May 3, 2013
5 - 8 pm

Arch Framing
7844 Manchester Blvd
St Louis MO

All Invited!

Hope to see you there


Christine Lewis said...

I love bugs. A great series, beautifully painted,

Carol Carter said...

thank you Christine. lovely to hear from you.

laura mendoza said...