Carol Carter

03 August 2012

Bon Jour- Brantome, FRANCE~!

I journeyed to France yesterday-- and met up with my friend-- Maggie Z.  We will be traveling companions for the next couple of days.

We are in Brantome, France-- and enjoying the 14th century Abbey and the small "island" of Brantome.  The cutest village in the middle of Dordogne region of France.

We are going to outdoor markets, sampling produce, buying baskets, visiting chateaus, taking photos and relishing all moments of France and the ambiance that it offers.

There is no country quite like it!

France replenishes the soul...and adds heart to your vision and imagery as an artist.

I love it here-- and would love to stay for more than a week!

Tomorrow we visit another village...and Sunday we will join the other students and have a watercolor workshop at Masion Blanche.

Stay tuned for more Frence memories.  Viva la FRANCE!


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