Carol Carter

22 August 2012

Kalvag NORWAY! Watercolor Workshop

I have spent the last week teaching watercolor in a beautiful fishing village off the West Coast of Norway---  in Kalvag, NORWAY  population 900.

It was an absolute dream.

Perfect crystal clear Norwegian waters, amazing light and sunsets, wonderful students... captivating imagery.

 NOT to mention the amazing fresh SEAFOOD~!  Whale, lobster, crab, cod, cod tongue, mackeral, herring, scallop, mussels... you name it... all FRESH and harvested locally.

The boats would come in DAILY -- with their haul.

What a tremendous experience-- to work and live in a picturesque village-- with imagery all around.

The students painted crabs, boats, and water.

All in all.... a "10" of a workshop!

Thank you Karin-- of Sommerakademiet  for arranging a tremendous workshop.

 We had 13 students from Norway and Sweden.  All of them were great artists and engaging friends.

Thank you too... Solveig and Alfred-- for all you did to make my transportation and trip an awesome experience.  I feel as though I know a LOT more about Norway-- and it's gorgeous landscape and friendly people.

Long live the VIKING!

Tusen Takk!

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