Carol Carter

10 September 2009

Maryville University -- watercolor

I have been teaching two classes in watercolor-- at Maryville University since late August. It's been an interesting time --- I am not that familiar with teaching. But... I DO have good students... ready and eager to learn.

We are gaining ground each day ... and by the end.. I know they will all be good watercolorists!

Stay tuned for photos of their work.. and blogs about their progress.
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raji said...

Hi Carol, thanks for sharing the classroom pictures. Your photo reminds me of my beginner's watercolor class I took at the Uni. as a part of my art credit requirement. Infact, I don't think I would have been an artist as I am today if not for that class. Hope you will enjoy teaching them.

Carol Carter said...

hi raji, yes... it's been a treat to teach these past few weeks. my students are just now getting some traction...and producing good work. it's a journey.. and i hope to hook 'em on watercolor~
isn't it grand.. that it all starts out w/ the first step?

Carol Carter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Wish I could come and learn from you, Carol! That would be a highlight of my art career for sure!!!

Carol Carter said...

joanne.. you are welcome to come any time! would love to have you in my class....

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