Carol Carter

14 September 2009

Italian Landscape- Acrylic

My first Italian landscape-- of a series that will be developed over the next few months.

I've been to Tuscany-- to gather information -- and now have the time to translate some images into paintings.

It will be an exploratory series... until it begins to take shape.

I've started this painting on Ampersand Gessoboard -- which i like a lot. the paint wen on smoothly without much drag. I like the texture I was able to create.. as well as the matte dimensional look of the foreground.

Tomorrow Iwill work on the trees.. and develop the horizon line and nuances.

Hopefully-- it will all go well!

In the meantime.. I decided to post here.... as it's important for me to have feedback from you.

On the Way to Lucca
10" x 10"
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hey Carol - my feedback is I LOVE IT AS IT IS. The brilliance of the colours is so Italian and the texture magical. Can't wait to see the continuing acrylic series.

Ann Bedingham said...

The atmospheric effect is a great feeling..almost feels like you're there. Looking forward to the series..

Unknown said...

HI Carol,

I am very interested in how you end up feeling about the Ampersand gessoboard... I have seen other artists using it as well.

About this have done an AMAZING job on that sky. The feeling not only of depth, but of space is a big "wow" factor, and the smooth transition in color is beautiful. The colors of the trees against that sky really make them pop, and of course the texture in the foreground is already looking good. Can't wait to see it further developed.