Carol Carter

07 August 2009

Reeds Watercolor

Here is a large scale watercolor of reeds -- that has taken some time to complete.
I am really happy with the palette -- and the complexity of the piece. There is a sultry character to this painting... that is sometimes missing in my other work.

Will frame it tomorrow for an exhibition.

Corkscrew Reeds
watercolor on Arches 555lb cp
30" h x 60" w
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Arti said...

Brilliant painting handle those greens so well.And thank you for posting large size image; it helps a lot to people like me who are still struggling with water colors!

Carol Carter said...

thanks arti.... you will do fine with your watercolor. it just takes time! happy painting.........

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

These glowing reeds make a great partner to your Palm painting. Amazing colours.

Carol Carter said...

hi joan,,, yes. in fact.. i plan to show them both -- real soon.. as soon as i get them framed...