Carol Carter

26 August 2009

My work on a BILLBOARD!

Here's a slightly better photo of the billboard with my work. The commission is for the competition for the best gospel choir in America -- taking place in St. Louis in September.

My art -- is an interpretation of that event.

It's a large scale watercolor of THE ROCK CHURCH in St. Louis.

This particular billboard is on Choteau Avenue -- just east of Grand.

Take a look! It was a surprise to me this morning!

The Rock Church Choir
watercolor on Arches 300 lb cp
60" h x 40" w
Verizon Wireless
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Arti said...

Isn't that wonderful!Congrats...

Unknown said...

PHENOMENAL Carol!!! It looks just as good in this huge format as when you posted it on your computer!! Congratulations. :-)

Anonymous said...

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