Carol Carter

20 August 2009

oldies- watercolors

I finally was able to make digital photos of two swimmers that i like a lot. they were painted 2003-- well before i moved into my current studio.

there's a hotness to the palette that you don't see in my current work. they were also painted as a pair -- companion pieces as i like to call them.

however, as always.. they can [and probably will] be sold separately.

Rainbow 1
watercolor on Arches cp 300 lb
30" h x 22 " w

Rainbow 2
watercolor on Arches cp 300 lob
30" h x 22" w

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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Gorgeous colour contrasts and as usual a wonder of light.

As to how I am, last week was difficult as I was stung many times (we think mosquitos) when I was helping set up the church roof fund exhibition in the rectory gardens at Trunch. Both my arms swelled up beyond belief and itched and were so so sore. Took over 4 days of antihystermine before there was any relief. Ugh!!

Just had three lovely days with my daughter and her gorls and we spend one of them at the Wild Life Park watching the wonderful birds of prey in flying displays, going into the butterfly house and all sorts of other lovely things. Tomorrow I'm off for the weekend to friends with a cottage right by the sea to watch the birds early morning lift off from the mud flats at high tide. Quite a spectacle.
Love your work and style.

Carol Carter said...

whoa.. so glad you are OKAY!! and good that you have time with your family.

your life in england sounds divine... one day.. i would love to visit! happy weekend....