Carol Carter

20 July 2009

Palms Patterns

i have been working on this full sheet watercolor -- with varying degrees of intensity for the last few days.

as weather has permitted... i've been painting outside [see photo] .. to capture the pure light. the details and value changes of this piece have been a challenge. I still have some passages to go... but need to take rest ... because my spirit is fatigued.

i plan to start a companion piece -- to make the patterning more monumental.

Palm Patterns
30" h x 20" w

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Angela said...

It's looking fantastic! You're capturing that light effect really nicely and your greens are wonderful!

I've been working on producing bright, but natural looking greens lately - I'll have to study on this painting 'cause you seem to have gotten exactly what I've been trying for!

Arti said...

The effect is mind blowing! Not easy to capture the light in this fashion..its so complex, yet you have made it look smooth and esay...

Chris Beck said...

WOW!! Great visual impact! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oh I do wish I knew how you achieved that glowing effect of light in all your works. They bowl me over every time. As Angela says, the greens are great with so many contrasting tones.

Carol Carter said...

thanks everyone!
angela.. the greens i used are:

WN Winsor Green YS
WN Aureolin
WN Olive Green
OLD HOLLAND Yellow Green

try these and see if you like!

Arti,... thanks for thinking it looks easy and smooth.. not always! i can tell you...

Chris.. always good to hear from you... i'm currently working on a SPLASH... hopefully.. will be posting soon:_))

-- i always try to keep the light in the center of the painting... so that it appears to 'glow' from within... try it!