Carol Carter

27 July 2009

Splash watercolor

this is a large scale watercolor -- in the works....

it's already past this stage.. but i haven't photographed it yet.

it's a lively painting.. one that's built around a 'verb'.. and not a noun!

stay tuned for final stage...will be posting it when it's done.

Ripple Effect
watercolor on Arches cp 300 lb
29 " h x 41" w
2009 unfinished
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Arti said...

Wow..can't wait to see the finished version.

Kathy Wirth said...

Love the Splash painting! I've started an art blog called I have started using pure color straight from the tube and pouring or brushing it onto wet paper. Am having fun with that...

Carol Carter said...

thanks arti and kathy....

kathy... i will check out your blog!

arti.. i haven't begun the final touches on SPLASH .. but will post when i finish it!