Carol Carter

02 July 2009


I went to the US BANK in Clayton today.. and saw my painting in the lobby.

This 6' x 8' painting is from the BELLE GLADE series of work from 1995. I loved all the passages and appreciated seeing a format I don't work in anymore.

It was like bumping into an "old friend!"

Sold paintings are ambassadors for your artistic vision.

Facing West
6' h x 8'w
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Wonderful work and created in such a monumental size. Was it commissioned by the Bank?

Carol Carter said...

the bank didn't commission it.. but bought it from a gallery. i don't work this large anymore.. but it is a thrill to see the sizea again! happy forth joan...

MB Shaw said...

How cool! Now I want to go over there and see it :-)
Its always interesting for me to observe my old style (years later) and can see it through different eyes.