Carol Carter

30 July 2009

Tower Grove East Studio

Photos of my studio in the Tower Grove East Neighborhood-- St Louis.

I have been in the studio for 5 years now...and loved every minute.

these photos were taken by a great photographer -- Jamie Harmon. Jamie is from Valdosta, GA. He visited St. Louis this past week with his wife- Danielle and kids -- Gus and Hopper.

I had a wonderful time showing them my space and City Garden downtown.

The exterior and interior of my space make it look larger than it is... but it suits me fine.

The bottom photo is the back of my easel... with my collection of toys..........

3156 Shenandoah
St. Louis, MO

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Laura said...

Enhorabuena por ese magnífico estudio, envidia de artistas y aficionados.
¡Qué los disfrutes con éxito!

Carol Carter said...

laura! i am not sure what you wrote.. but it sounds exciting! it's a great studio..i agree!

Ann Bedingham said...

What a great space you have. No claustrophobia there. Thanks for sharing.
Ann Bedingham

rajalekshmy said...

Nowadays I see artists posting images of their studios.Yours seem "uncluttered" with your workspace smack right in the middle of the studio. I love to see an artist at work in her studio if ever I am a passerby.

Bruce said...

it's a lovely space for a lovely spirit. i'm inspired by the work you've done over the past few years, the strides you've made, the guts and steady faith that shines through. and still the playful and light touch. all that emanates from the studio, the comfy openness and in process disarray, very nice. very nice. great fisheye feel too, like the eye of another spirit plane watching over you. kick ass!

Carol Carter said...

hi ann! thanks for peeking in! yes.. there is NO claustrophobia in my studio.. .it's totally out in the OPEN!

hi rajaleshmy.. .yes.. i love the feel of people watching me while i work. i built my workspace at ground level.. so that i could see people everyday.. it's been wonderful to have that connectedness!

hey bruce!
you know.. it means a lot to me to have your insight and well wishes. it's been a hard few years painting.. and life... but ... it's what i DO! thanks for keeping faith in me. hugs.