Carol Carter

24 July 2009

Opening tonight!!! Come!

there is a small opening of my work tonight... mostly figures.. well.. totally figures~

mostly watercolor.. but all fun!

i will be there.

stop by.. on your way to/from your Friday evening plans....

Crepes in the City
400 North 14th
[corner of 14th and Washington]
St. Louis, MO

6 - 9 pm

314 436-1900

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RH Carpenter said...

I would love to be there - but it will have to be in spirit only. Have a great opening/reception!

Margie Summers said...

Would so love to come see these in person but had another commitment tonight. I'm just in awe of your "swimmers" and "water girls"... some day, you just have to do a triptych of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Carly Simon... you seem to capture that lovely facial bone structure they all have in common in so many of your paintings. Just an idea!

Sandy Maudlin said...

looks superb! Hope you had a glorious evening.

Bruce said...

sorry i can't be there, carol! the paintings are striking against the brick wall. hope you get lots of free latte and meet some interesting people and enthusiastic new customers. ciao!

Unknown said...

Hi Carol,
What a beautiful looking building you have this small showing in! Your paintings look great against the brick wall. :-) If I lived anywhere near, I would be there enjoying them and the atmosphere of the environment.

A few of questions for you... Do you frame the paintings yourself? Do you use glass, and if so, do you use non-reflective glass? Do you prefer float mounting or traditional matting over top of the painting?

Have a great weekend.

Carol Carter said...

thanks rhonda! had a good opening.

hi margie...i will think about that triptych idea of yours! good one...

sandy... i spent some time on your blog... and loved seeing all the relief techniques of your miami workshop! you rock! hope all is well with you..;-))

we had a good time bruce. the crepes were good... and i had dinner with evan and friends. work looked good too.

hey joanne.!

i don't do my framing. i have others do it! i used plexi for those big pieces.. and it's just regular ol' plexi. i don't do the non-reflective.
i usually mount my paintings... but really try to leave the unique framing techniques to my clients. my framing is modest and contemporary.. to feature the work mostly...
cheers everyone.. thanks for your good vibes!!

Jean Victory said...

Wish I could see your work! Really beautiful...inspirational!

Carol Carter said...

thank you jean! i appreciate your comment! thank you for finding my work inspiring. that made my day!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Stunningly well hung show - and the colours just zing out. Oh if only I lived nearby well alone across the water. Hope it all goes well - from one of your English admirers.

Carol Carter said...

thanks for being one of my "english admirers".. you ARE the BEST!!