Carol Carter

11 June 2013

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society!

Last week-- I drove to Ohio/Kentucky to give a talk on my work to the Great Cincinnati Watercolor Society.  Wow.. what a GREAT group!

We had about 40 artists in attendance.  I shared my paintings-- all watercolor.  I conveyed a timeline of the development of my work.  I also shared how I come up with themes, subjects, content with my imagery.

I wanted to convey how I arrive at my point-of-view within the narrative of my portfolio.

It was a wonderful lecture-- with many fine questions, photos, and good cheer!

It was so successful-- they invited me back to do it again in Feburary 2014!

Rhonda Carpenter-- my artist friend in Cincinnati made the arrangements for the talk.  She is a great artist/teacher-- and so gifted in the studio.

She has shared in her blog -- an nice accounting of the talk.

I am deeply grateful for her invitation to come.  I feel honored and priveleged to be included!

Thank you dear Rhonda [and Jerry] for hosting me!