Carol Carter

26 March 2013


One of my artist-students who recently took the ST LOUIS workshop- send me this painting she did after the workshop.

It is a tour-de-force example of what I was striving to teach!  The "glow" and backlighting to each watercolor.

This particular student was stimulated and inspired in such a great way!  So happy and grateful to see the paintings that others produce after a workshop.

Please send them to me--  those of you who have taken my workshops.  I would love to share, and post here... and revel in your victories!

30" h x 22" w


Celia Blanco said...

Impressive, I honestly thought it was your painting.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Kudo's to your student.

Studio at the Farm said...

Her painting really does glow! You must be a great teacher to inspire such work.

Sergio DS said...

Beutiful, I love it.

It´s curious, today my blog´s music is about St Louis.

Carol Carter said...

She did an IMPRESSIVE job! So happy to see this beautiful painting. Thanks ALL! said...