Carol Carter

22 March 2013

Donkey Watercolor

A small donkey to bring a smile to your face this Friday!

I have done a small watercolor study of a French Donkey!  Do you see his beret??

This is just for fun... but I wanted to offer you a smile.

Happy day!

Leetle Donkey
5" h x 8" w
email for purchase


Unknown said...

It's wonderful! I love the idea of painting something just for fun, to make yourself smile, and hopefully somebody else will share the smile too! :) Using your gifts and passion to create a little whimsy and joy.

Studio at the Farm said...

He is a cutie! And I am smiling!! Thank you, Carol!

RH Carpenter said...

Who wouldn't smile at this guy?! ha ha

Sergio DS said...

You get my smile.

Have a nice weekend.

Antonio Sánchez Serrano said...

Precioso burro y acertada decisión de no pintar ninguna otra cosa alrededor que distraiga la atención. Mi felicitación.

Carol Carter said...

thank you Antonio-- yes I like the fact that I left the white paper to isolate the image.

Thank you Katherine, Studio, Rhondo, Sergio..... thank you for your friendship!
Smiles are always welcome!!!