Carol Carter

20 December 2011

Eye Candy Finished!

The lollipop watercolor is done!

It has been fun to paint... and even funner to look at!

I really like the whimsy and color-- a painting without much content.

The lollipops were at the Farmer's Market at The Grove in LA.

I found them hypnotizing...and took a variety of photos.

This is the first time I've stepped out of the box a bit to paint them.

I think I'll do a larger version --

Eye Candy
22" h x 15" w
email for purchase


Rose said...

Love it!!! Aptly titled too, Carol! The colors sing!
Have a very happy holiday.. you deserve a rest now, don't you think?? And I definitely think this painting should be done larger.. wow, it would rock right on the wall in my living room ;)!!! XOXOX

Carol Carter said...

Thanks Rose.... I anxiously await painting the larger one... now that I know how to do it!

Going to frame it today... and feature it on my studio wall.

Thank you for all your support this year..and our new friendship!

Hope to meet in 2012. Happy Holidays! xoxoc

Rose said...

Carol, same to you.. I am so glad we are friends.. you have really inspired me and given me so much encouragement! Best of everything to you in 2010. It would be a thrill and honor to meet you xox

Studio at the Farm said...

Eye Candy is absolutely wonderful, Carol!!

Kathy Staicer said...

Eye Candy is stunning and definitely fun to look at!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Rose... I know we will meet one day!

Thank you Studio... So happy and thrilled that you like it!

Kathy... the whimsy of this subject was definitely worth the fun it was to paint! I'm glad you enjoy it.