Carol Carter

22 December 2011

Back To Life! watercolor from the Everglades

The painting from the Everglades series -- has been a challenge for me for a few months.

I finally got to the point where I threw the whole thing in the dumpster -- and quit working on it.

A friend inadvertentaly saw it in the dumpster.. and promptly returned it to me with the admonition-- "finish it!"

So... being humble and frustrated... I have working on it for the past two days.

I finally changed the orientation of it - and began liking a bit of the abstraction more.

After much layering and shading... I am finally "calling it quits AGAIN"... and hopefully this time... I will keep it!

Back to Life
29" h x 41" w


Arti said...

Beautiful hues....
Wish you a wonderful Christmas and a great year ahead, Carol.


wishing you a very happy christmas carol ... will come back to see where you go with this one ...sure it will full into place now.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Arti!! Merry Christmas and Happy Painting to you too... in the coming year!

Thank you Jane... Merry Christmas... and special peace to you in the coming year.
I hope this painting turns out!