Carol Carter

20 July 2010


I went for the challenge yesterday ... and finished two smaller acrylics I have been wrestling with over the last couple of weeks......

and.. finally... FINALLY... I can say that i like them! There was a preciousness to the previous images... that had to be "let go."

The overall paintings were too sweet and "right"... and I had to see beyond that.

What I did to mobilize and garner my thinking was to get out the rest of the show... and compare these paintings.

Yep.. they didn't fit. They were too cautious and illustrative.

So... I got out the palm-sander... and I began to destroy!!

The sander forced me to make changes.... because I wiped out safe-zones that were not working...and too resolved.

The following painting times...resulted in braver decisions...and brought conclusions that were more inspired!


I like what I have now.. and will let them stand with the rest of the collection.


Italy 99
20" h x 20" w

Italy 98
20" h x 20" w
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RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Carol, for sharing your process about these. I like how you saw that they were too sweet and perfect and timid and you just sanded that away and began again :) I think the bicycle painting is definitely better now - it reads better to me and has a real energy to it. Wishing you great success with the show!!!

olivia said...

I have to recognize that I like very much this painting Carol, even if I always prefer your watercolors... Magnificent colors, it is the enjoyment!
I saw aujoud' hui a portfolio of your swimmers in the magazine " practice of the arts " to which I am subscribed. One girl wink to the small swimmer who is at home. Thank you still Carol. Bises.

Carol Carter said...

thank you rhonda.... i like the bicycle painting better too.
it's always hard to make big decisions... especially when so much of the painting is already working!

thanks olivia... is the another magazine in france? can you send a copy again? i know that they were going to produce two articles... but i never knew the name of the second magazine...
you are a dear to like my acrylics... even though you prefer the watercolors! xo