Carol Carter

17 October 2009

Bearded Iris- watercolor

The watercolor was not "happening" for me... so i reworked and reworked and reworked it.

i ended up putting frisket over almost all of it... in an attempt to do something totally out of the box for me.

it took a long time.. as i was not motivated....

but.. the other day in the studio... i decided to lay a yellow and blue wash over entire flower.

after letting it dry.. i rubbed off frisket and this is what i got.

i like it enough now.. to go ahead and finish.

i will show the final version here... once that is done.

Bearded Iris
40" h x 40" w
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Christiane Kingsley said...

Carol, you may not call it finished, but I simply love it. It really glows.

Carol Carter said...

you know christiane... i like it too! in fact.. i think it's REAL finished.. but i just will tweak some small areas... but i agree with you.. it looks done! thank you... so much for helping me see.