Carol Carter

15 February 2008


here is the triptych that i've been working on --... each panel measures 20 x 24. the overall painting is 8 feet wide. this was a challenge.. as i'm not comfortable painting figurative acrylics. it's about accepting/resisting change.... a huge metaphor for my life right now.
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About said...

Stunning. The center one reminded me instantly of a book I love. A Fine Daughter by Catherine Simmons Niven. Love this series.

Chin up...this too shall pass.

David Burge said...

Hmmm, lush and evocative Carol, well done. Keep punching girl.

RH Carpenter said...

The way you push and pull
the hot and cool.
The way your colors
are like jewels.
What more is there to say?

Sharon said...

I love the warm and cool colors, they seem to pulse. I'd love to see it in color, I bet it's very impressive in person in such a large format.

Sharon :-)

tacodingo said...

This is why you are one of my favorite artists! Your paintings make me fall in love with watercolor all over again, amazing work! If I had the money I would most definitely purchase one of your pieces :-)