Carol Carter

18 July 2008

new materials

After returning from Ecuador... i decided i needed infusion of new materials and pigments. i went to the art store.. and bought all sorts of paints and mediums that were foreign. this is the best for experimentation!

i took a couple of paintings [that i had given up on]... and tried the pigments and techniques.

it's good to do things at times...with only the expectation of discovery. it takes the pressure off of 'making something work'... or finishing a painting with the deft handling of familiarity.

sometimes it's better to risk everything.. and 'get lost'...

it's the sort of abandon we used to have as children... no?

20 x 24

16 x 20
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eLIZabeth Floyd said...

I beleive as children we do not tend to have as many life rules, which allows us to experiment more.

These two paintings are lovely, with the use of the fern shapes and the other-worldliness of the way the subjects are ordered on the paper. Thanks for sharing your explorations. Liz

Carol Carter said...

hi liz

thank you for your comments. i believe children are innocent of most preconceived notions of how things should turn out. it's a delight to watch them create ---

it's a joy to return to that native creativity !!

hope you are painting well...

visit again soon.


RH Carpenter said...

A great way to just release everything and experiment, Carol! I love the top one the best and I immediately thought it could be called "Memory of Butterflies"
-- Rhonda

Carol Carter said...

i think that's a great title!!! and i think i'll use it.

thanks for checking in.. looking forward to meeting you--