Carol Carter

24 February 2012

Party Brellas! Watercolor with M Graham Paints!

M Graham watercolor sent me a palette of paints to use for my workshops in Baltimore, MD and Menucha in Portland OR.

The colors were new to me...and they looked so good -- that I decided to try them out!


Here is my day's effort--- PARTY BRELLAS!

I explored each and every pigment they sent ..... lovely quality to the paint and gorgeous coverage. I will have a great time sharing their product.

Each student can try the colors and decide which ones to buy.

Thank you Diana Graham for thinking of me ... and sharing your paint!

Party Brellas
11" h x 15" w


laura said...

What a great subject to try new pigments on. The colors are beautiful--very transparent ... I like the neutrals in between the umbrellas too!

jyoti kumar said...

Fabulous colours, just the way I like.I wish I had the motley crew(of brellas)to cheer me up on those grey days.Beautiful work Carol.Agree with Laura, they do seem transparent as chinese watercolours.

RH Carpenter said...

Looks like this palette of colors is going to work well, Carol. Love the brellas :)

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Laura, Jyoti, and Rhonda. It was fun and breezy to paint this... Mostly trying out ALL the pigments in one excuse to paint!

I typically don't use all these colors in one painting. But this was different and a challenge for me.

All turned out ... and now it's going to MALTA!!! already sold! woot! said...

just absolutely GORGEOUS! i am ready to PARTY PRETTY DOWN! :))

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Wanda!!! Party ON!!!

Studio at the Farm said...

What gorgeous, bright colors! You must have had a blast painting with them.

Carol Carter said...

I did Studio... I did!