Carol Carter

29 March 2011

Leasing ART!

Here is a sampling of some leased work at a beautiful penthouse in downtown Clayton MO.

I am so pleased with the installation-- and I know the client is too.

Wow.... wish I could move in!

6" h x 14" w

Ochre Marsh
36" h x 80" w

Salt Marsh
36" h x 80" w


Susan Roux said...

I tried leasing over here in Maine, but never got results. Awesome that you did!

RH Carpenter said...

Carol, how does this work? Do you lease with the intent for them to buy the works at a certain time - or do you just lease the paintings for a certain time and then remove them?

Carol Carter said...

Keep trying Susan! It will happen sooner than later.

Rhonda-- I drew up a lease after seeing which paintings would look good in the penthouse -- we agreed on terms. I am leasing for 3 months-- with renewable 3 month lease thereafter. It's a win/win situations. They need art-- I have art. I love to share it too.