Carol Carter

21 March 2009

Hey Babyers- watercolor

Painting from the GOOD GIRL/ BAD GIRL show from 2006. I finally got around to photographing it for my book. I still like it after all these years~!

It has an edge... a surliness to the gals... an irreverence of spirit --

a message that captures the change of roles in today's adult female --

you GO girl!

Hey Babyers
30 x 40
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Leslie Rubio said...

It's fantastic~the green and blue, the sky and of course the babes. I love your watercolors.


RH Carpenter said...

Too cool!!!!

Unknown said...

Who would think to paint people with these vivid and unusual colors? CAROL!!! And it works so well, we wonder why it has not been done by every other watercolorist! Truly - you are amazing. :-)