Carol Carter

25 June 2008

Skyy Trails and Kow Tails

this rework of the cowscape -- was particularly invigorating....

i had sold this painting last summer... but for whatever reason -- the client returned to me for a savannah landscape. being momentarily disappointed -- i put it away. but... months later -- i returned to it .. and saw new potential that had to be explored. i dropped in the graphic sky -- popping our the napa cows and forcing them to be closer.

leaving a simple horizonline helped anchor the painting to the rest of the color field.

i've had SO many people stop by the studio to see this one!

Sky Trails and Cow Tails
24 x 48
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Unknown said...


The art of Carol Carter is good.The human activity painting is too good to see. In this painting florida is a wealth of inspiration. The color combination they used is fabulous.

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Carol Carter said...

thanks jeny...
i appreciate your words of encouragements! thank you for your compliment.