Carol Carter

29 June 2010

Oil Spill- Brown Pelican-

Oiled brown pelicans standing ready to be cleaned.

This is part of the new upcoming series of work on the Gulf Oil Disaster that I am doing this fall.

This was from the Oiled Wildlife Rescue Response in Ft. Jackson, LA - June 18, 2010.

Save the Brown
15" h x 22" w
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Wonderful project and such an amazing piece of work to start it off. The off beat composition and colours are most unusual.

Carol Carter said...

thank you joan. it is a sad project indeed. one that's painted with a heavy heart....

olivia said...

Terrible but splendidly represented. I love it!

CarolynnzArt said...

I stumbled upon your paintings while searching for a representation of a blue heron.... and i agree, although the oil spill is a terrific tragedy, i love your painting!

It's nice to know fellow watercolor artists are doing what they can to help the cause!

Thank you, Carol!

~~carolynn mcdade

Carol Carter said...

thank you carolyn. I have happy to make your acquaintance. it is a sad thing to see how the oil spill has affected the wildlife. Hope you are creating some great paintings too!