Carol Carter

24 May 2011

Two Large Scale Everglades Series paintings!

These two large scale watercolors have been occupying my studio time lately. One is done [gator] and the other is ALMOST done. I have enjoyed working on them... and my return to watercolor is sweet. I have been diligently trying to raise the bar on my watercolor. I want to have richer and more developed paintings then before. I am trying to work with larger scale and sympathetic imagery. The Everglades Series is a wonderful subject for me! I am so emotionally attached to this imagery.....

Let me know what you think about these newer paintings.

Gator Swamp
46" h x 34" w

Beside the Still Water
40" h x 30" w
still in progress


RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful pieces, Carol! Love the flow and the colors and the composition with parts off the page.

Studio at the Farm said...

"Beside the Still Water" is fabulous! It has such richness and depth of color.